The Playwright Gin

The Playwright gin draws inspiration from the depths of London’s theatre industry, with the Artisanal flavouring hidden not only in the bottle, but was also discovered within the depths of London’s famous markets. The main botanical, Cerasus, dates back to Henry VIII, who brought it into the country and began growing them throughout London and selling it through the markets, 500 years later inspiring an everlasting gin adorned in London heritage.

Absolutely perfect with tonic and a squeeze of lime, or in one of our recommended cocktails, found in our Playwright favourites page

Where it all began...

Playwright Gin is a father-son owned brand, who combined to come up with an idea to invigorate the industry by creating a unique gin which is inspired by the history of London.

Playwright Gin finds itself in an unprecedented middle-ground between a London Dry and a flavoured gin. While it follows all the ‘rules’ of a London Dry Gin, as it is macerated in cerasus for 24 hours before distillation, it brings out a sweeter taste than your normal London Dry gin.

Dating back to the 16th century, King Henry VIII was the first person to bring cerasus over to the United Kingdom, enjoying them so much, he began to grow them in what was called the ‘Garden of England.’

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Fast forward 400 years, the theatre industry began to take shape in both the UK and the US, famously known as Broadway in the United States. Playwright Gin encapsulates this all within one bottle, with the theme of London’s history all combining to create the perfect gin, with the bottle somewhat similar to pre-war bottles of gin. The label itself connotes a modern twist on what an old theatre poster would have looked like. 

While Playwright gin has a sweeter taste than others, it finds its sweetness balanced with other botanicals such as orange and lime, creating a unique blend with a guessable but secret flavour, linking England’s rich history to concoct an original, noteworthy gin.

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  • Alan - Soho Legend

    ‘At Gerry’s Wines and Spirits we stock a wide range of spirits including an extensive range of gins. When looking to take on new products we only select products that bring something unique, innovative, and interesting to the table. Playwright Gin ticks all these boxes. Although it is strictly speaking not a classic London dry, it is also not a sweet and sticky gin. It has the right balance of Juniper with the clever addition of cherry. When served as a classic gin and tonic, with the addition of a squeeze of lime to balance the sweetness, it is a delicious long drink with a subtle twist.’

  • Sales Director, The Drinks Club

    ‘An excellent English dry gin, but with a hidden twist. After 30 years of buying spirits, rarely am I surprised as I was with the distinctive taste and quality of Playwright gin.’

  • Bar Owner at The Arts Theatre Club

    ‘In a very crowded market place, this English style gin with its twist really stands out amongst our customers.’

  • Local Bar Manager

    ‘Playwright Gin is flying off our bar at the minute. Although an overcrowded industry, it fails to not stand out with its clever intertwining with the history of the theatre, while also maintaining a standout taste. My only wish is it had wheels!’

  • A Local Bartender

    ‘Playwright Gin is such a great product. There is such a wide range of different cocktails one can experiment using the gin with as with sweetness comes balance. From a Martinez to a Negroni, it always works!’

  • A Recent Customer

    ‘Fantastic gin, I have never tasted any sort of gin like it, with the addition of the sweetness it still remains equally balanced.’